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What is liturgy and devotional music in cordillera?

A Cordillera is an extensive chain of mountains or mountain ranges. There are a number of Cordillera's, so without even knowing the continent or more specifics your question is impossible to answer. Cordillera (from Wikipedia) Arctic Cordillera, the mountain ranges… Full Answer

What cordillera surrounds Mexico city?

It is known as the "eje neovolcanico" (Spanish for neovolcanic axis). It is a small range that acts as a bridge between the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental mountain ranges.

What are facts about cordillera?

A cordillera is a chain of mountains or mountain ranges. The term cordillera is mostly applied to various ranges of the Andes in South America. The structure of cordillera mountains is usually the result of folding and faulting accompanied by… Full Answer