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What are the sutures in the skull?

Squamous suture (separates the temporal bone from the parietal bone), Coronal suture (separates the frontal bone from the parietal bone), Sagittal suture (separates the parietal bones) and the Lamboid suture (separates the occipital bone from the parietal bone)

What joint is found in the cranium?

The types of joints in the cranium are called sutures. They include: Coronal suture - between the frontal and parietal bones Lambdoid suture - between the parietal, temporal and occipital bones Occipitomastoid suture Parietomastoid suture Sphenofrontal suture Sphenoparietal suture Sphenosquamosal… Full Answer

What are the sutures of the skull?

The main sutures of the skull are the coronal, squamous, lambdoid and sagittal sutures. The coronal joins the frontal bone to the parietal bones, the squamous joins the parietal bones to the temporal bones, the lambdoid joins the parietal bones… Full Answer

What does the word 'coronal' mean?

The English word 'coronal' can be two different types of speech, an adjective, or noun. As an adjective, it means something which is related to the crown of something in particular, such as a king. As a noun, it is… Full Answer