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What note are the stings on a guitar tune to.?

The most standardize tuning for guitars both acoustic and electric is EADGBe(the lower note indicating this is the highest) with the A being at 440hz. This is only standard tuning and you can tune your guitar several different ways depending… Full Answer

How do I solve Guitar Tuning?

You can either use an analog or digital guitar tuner. If you get good enough with the guitar you can even do it by ear. Here is what standard tuning should be from low (the thickest string) to high (the… Full Answer

What is the tuning for a 7 string guitar?

Standard Rock tuning for a 7 string guitar is: BEADGBE This tuning allows for very simple power chords to be played at the lower register. The Original and Standard Jazz tuning for a 7 string guitar is: AEADGBE This tuning… Full Answer

Can you get my guitar tuned?

If your guitar is a standard guitar then yes buy a set of pitch pipes or an electronic tuner (this is the easiest). Tuning a guitar is something you do yourself its not like a piano that needs a specialist… Full Answer