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What is fidelity401k?

A Fidelity 401k is a 401k retirement investment plan offered by the financial company Fidelity Investments. A 401k savings plan allows the investor to place a portion of their income into the account and invest this money in a variety… Full Answer

Why are 401k plans important?

They are important because they're helping you plan for your retirement. Social Security is not guranteed and 401k accounts allow you to set aside monies (Normally on a pre-tax basis lessening your taxable income.) to plan for your own retirement… Full Answer

Is 401k considered a pension plan?

I don't mean to be snide...but it depends on whose asking! Honestly, different places define things differently. In some general speak it is a pension plan...but in many others, it is a retirement plan as differentiated from a pension plan. Full Answer