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What can corrugate cardboard be used to?

Corrugated carboard is primarily used for shipping and packing boxes, as well as for securely wrapping valuables and breakables that are being transported. Interestingly, when hats were in vogue, corrugated cardboard was often used as a hatband. Full Answer

How is corrugated cardboard made to be strong?

The secret to the strength of corrugated cardboard is in the corrugation. The triangular corrugations enhance the strength of the material in the plane vertical to the corrugations. This produces material which is difficult to crush along the lines of… Full Answer

What are cardboard boxes made of?

Cardboard? No, seriously, "cardboard" is generally made of multiple layers of paper. The most common variety has a layer of stiff paper glued to a corrugated ("rippled") paper, glued to another layer of stiff paper. Full Answer