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Is the mess charge a compulsory?

Membership of a mess is usually optional. However, should one choose to join, then there is usually a membership charge which is compulsory. This charge is to cover the overheads associated with operating the mess. Full Answer

What rhymes with large?

Charge, barge, enlarge, sarge (short for sergeant). 1 syllable: barge, charge, farge, marge, marje, sarge 2 syllables: depth charge, discharge, enlarge, fixed charge, in charge, lafarge, mischarge, recharge, surcharge, take charge 3 syllables: brush discharge, bursting charge, cover charge, free… Full Answer

How much does psyco charge?

The price that a psychologist charges will vary. Visits can cost anywhere from $75.00-$150.00 per visit. Typically insurance will cover these visits and help minimize the charge per visit. Full Answer