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Is Crackpot a real place?

Yes. Crackpot is a village in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, England. Its name derives from the Old English kraka (a crow) and the Viking word pot (usually a cavity or deep hole often in the bed of a river, but in… Full Answer

The U.S government officially is?

A joke, bankrupt, run by madmen, undemocratic, infested with aliens, away with the fairies, a figment of everyone's imagination, controlled by Russia,, run by the Freemasons, controlled by the Knights Templar. Have I missed any crackpot theories. Full Answer

Why do nipples change in the cold?

Okay, no crackpot jokers over this one. The nipples fold in on itself to warm it back up. Once they are warmed up the looser formation occurs. The blood is rushed to it to help warm it up. Rubbing them… Full Answer