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What does the word part ''chron-'' mean?

It is from the Greek word for time. A chronometer is something which measures time (chron=time, meter=measure), in other words a clock. The spelling "chron" as opposed to "crohn" means this word has nothing to do with Crohns disease which… Full Answer

Who is Dr Barrill Crohn?

In 1932 Dr. Burril Crohn, working with two other physicians, Dr. Leon Ginsburg and Dr. Gordon Oppenheimer published the first article about "regional enteritis" in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This disease became known as Crohn's disease. Working… Full Answer

What are some eponymous syndromes?

Down Syndrome was named after John Langdon-Down. Lou Gehrig's Disease was named after Lou Gehrig. Alzheimer Disease was named after Alois Alzheimer. Crohn's Disease was named after Burill Bernard Crohn. E coli (Escherichia coli) Infection was named after Theodor Escherich… Full Answer