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What is crystal habit?

== == Many minerals have multiple crystal habits, which are the size and shape of a particular mineral crystals formation. Examples of crystal habit include boytroidal, stubby, blocky, radiating, wheat sheaf, columnar, acicular, foliated, subhedral, euhedral, drusy, dendritic, and bladed. Full Answer

What make diamonds hard?

The structure of the carbon atoms make diamonds hard, the hardest natural mineral. Their crystal habit is octahedral and their crystal system is isometric-hexoctahedral. Full Answer

Why are diamonds harder than graphite?

The molecular structure of diamonds make them harder than graphite. In addition, the atoms of diamonds are packed more densely together than are atoms of any other mineral. Diamond's crystal habit is octahedral, and its crystal system is isometric-hexoctahedral. Graphite's… Full Answer

What makes graphite different from diamond?

Both graphite and diamond are allotropes of carbon. Their molecules are structured differently. Diamond molecules have a crystal habit that is octahedral and a crystal system that is Isometric-hexoctahedral (Cubic). Graphite molecules have a crystal system which is tabular, six-sided… Full Answer

How are crystals of minerals classified?

Mineral crystals are divided into six distinct mineral crystal systems based on geometry and angles between axes. Crystals can further be subdivided into categories of 'habit', the crystals' variety of appearances in nature. Examples of habit are boytroidal, globular, massive… Full Answer

How do you break bad habits?

A habit is a habitual practice and a learned behavior. The best way to start a good habit is to make it a habit in the first place. An individual must repeatedly perform the good habit in order to establish… Full Answer