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What do cuckoo shrikes eat?

Cuckoo shrikes eat large insects like grasshoppers that they pull out of trees. They can also attack other cuckoo shrikes for food. A relative of the cuckoo shrike, the triller can eat insects in mid air Full Answer

Who is a predator to the chameleon?

Snakes, especially the Boomslang Snake and the Vine Snake, are predators to the chameleon. Some birds are also, including the shrike, coucal, and hornbill. The Cuckoo Hawk will also occasionally prey on chameleons. Full Answer

Names of birds with 6 letters?

Avocet, Condor, Cuckoo, Curlew, Dipper, Falcon, Gannet, Grouse, Magpie, Oriole, Parrot, Petrel, Phoebe, Pigeon, Plover, Puffin, Shrike, Siskin, Thrush, Toucan, Turkey, Weaver, Willet Full Answer

Cuckoo and warbler?

The cuckoo and reed warbler are birds that have a symbiotic relationship. Cuckoo birds will deposit their eggs in a nest already established by the reed warbler. When a cuckoo egg hatches in the warbler nest, the cuckoo chick will… Full Answer