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Is white cedar a juniper?

Junipers are coniferous as are the Cupressaceae or cypress family to which the White Ceder belongs. Thus the answer is NO but both Junipers and Ceders are conifers, they have a common stock. Full Answer

What is the scientific name of the cypress tree?

There are numerous plants coined "cypress", all belonging to the family Cupressaceae. An impressive cypress of the southern United States is Taxodium distichum or the bald cypress. Cypress trees are mostly of the genus Cupressus and related genera of the… Full Answer

Which family does the juniper tree belong to?

Cupressaceae is the name of the family to which the juniper tree belongs. Specifically, the juniper tree carries the genus name Juniperus. The genus is one of those subsumed by the cypress family. The family name originates in the combination… Full Answer

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