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Is Tron a cyberpunk film?

Yes, it is. Cyberpunk fiction tends to fill several different niches in storytelling, but at least in one way it has to deal with technology and how it affects humanity as a whole. Many of these take the route of… Full Answer

Is dues ex a scary game?

No, it's an action, science fiction and cyberpunk game. This game has no gore and the violence level is lower than other mature-rated games. Full Answer

Which anime is better?

Try , if you like CyberPunk , the Ghost in the Shell films and series , Ergo Proxy , Texhnolyze and Serial Experiments Lain . The anime shorts 'The Running Man' and 'Magnetic Rose' . The anime film 'Angel's Egg'… Full Answer

What can you get from anime?

Besides pure entertainment you can learn about existentialism by watching Ergo Proxy , find out about cyberpunk watching Ghost in the Shell , see a reworking of Alexandre Dumas' classic of literature in Gankutsuou : The Count of Monte Cristo… Full Answer