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What is the role of magnesium chloride in PCR?

An essential cofactor for the DNA polymerase in PCR is Magnesium chloride. Its concentration must be optimized for every primer:template system. Many components of the reaction bind magnesium ion, including primers, template, PCR products and dNTPs. The main 1:1 binding… Full Answer

Can you summarize DNA replication?

some teacher out there needs to answer this now Watson and Crick developed a model for the secondary structure of DNA in 1953. DNA is a long linear polymer that has two major components: a backbone made up of sugar… Full Answer

How is a molecule of DNA is replicated?

The process of DNA replication begins at specific sites in the chromosomes termed origins of replication, requires a primer bearing a free 3'-OH, proceeds specifically in the 5'->3' direction on both strands of DNA concurrently and results in the copying… Full Answer