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Is Medusa a demon in Greek mythology?

A Greek daemon is not the same as a "demon"; a daemon is divinely born. Medusa was born of the ancinet sea gods Phorkys (who presided over the hidden dangers of the deep)and Keto (a goddess of whales, large sharks… Full Answer

What is the Daemon Tools Lite?

Daemon Tools Lite is an emulator of disk images. Daemon Tools Lite is also an optical disc authoring program for Microsoft Windows. One can find further information, and download Daemon Tools Lite, by visiting the CNET website. Full Answer

What is Daemon Process in unix?

The word daemon is a word of Greek derivation meaning "worker". Daemon processes in Unix are background tasks that do things, such as printing, networking, task scheduling, etc. Full Answer

What is the mail daemon?

First off. A daemon is usually a name for a sever or service in Unix. The word daemon was originally used to describe FreeBSD network services (as their logo is a daemon). However the term has become more widely adopted… Full Answer