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Are there any dams or deserts in Wyoming?

There is one desert in Wyoming, the Red Desert. There are 1,531 dams in Wyoming including: Alcova Dam Boysen Dam Buffalo Bill Dam Fontenelle Dam Glendo Dam Grassy Lake Dam Guernsey Dam Jackson Lake Dam Pathfinder Dam Seminoe Dam Whalen… Full Answer

Dams in Alaska?

The state of Alaska has around 167 dams. Some of them are the Akhoik Dam, the Adak Dam, the Akutan Power Dam, and the Blue Lake Dam. Some additional dams on the list are the Lake Demarie Dam, the Engstrom… Full Answer

How do you make a dam?

A dam is simple to make there is a turbine and a big concrete structure that holds water on the other side of the dam. The turbine is in the dam and is turned by the water coming threw the… Full Answer