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Why are people from Denmark called Danish?

They aren't. People from Denmark are called Danes, their language is Danish, and when you refer to culture from Denmark it is called Danish culture. In the Danish language: Danish = Dansk, and Danes = Danskere.If you are confused about… Full Answer

What is a Danish?

A danish is a flat pastry with a spoonful of fruit jelly or cheese in the middle and iced with sugar icing. They are delicious and often served for breakfast, particularly in Continental style breakfasts. Full Answer

What is Denmark is known for?

Wienerbrød (Danish pastry) The royal family Dannebrog (the Danish flag) Smørrebrød (a Danish open sandwich made of rye bread and some kind of topping) Vikings H.C. Andersen Full Answer

What do you call words and phrases like Danish Pastry Dutch Courage Turkish Delight Brazil nuts etc and where is a list showing what they actually call the thing in the language of the country used?

In Danish, the word Danish pastry is "wienerbrød", which actually means viennese bread.In Turkish, Turkish delight is "lokum".The term Dutch courage doesn't exist in Dutch, but directly translated it would be "Nederlands moed"In Portuguese, which is the language spoken in… Full Answer