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List of warm blooded animals?

Here's a list... pangolins, squirrels, beavers, pocket gophers, kangaroo rats, pocket mice, kangaroo mice, jumping mice, birch mice, jerboas, mice, rats, scaly-tailed squirrels, springhare, gundis, dormice, dassie rat, cane rats, african mole-rats, old world porcupines, new world porcupines, viscachas, chinchillas… Full Answer

What Scrabble words end with sie?

Lots of good options: Bourgeoisie Booboisie Cramoisie Fantasie Jalousie Unsonsie Brassie Cutesie Floosie Flossie Footsie Glassie Poussie Primsie Prossie Tootsie Dassie Donsie Falsie Gawsie Gussie Lassie Newsie Popsie Potsie Sonsie Tassie Cosie Full Answer