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What has the author Rahim Aman written?

Rahim Aman. has written: 'Linguistik bandingan bahasa Bidayuhik' -- subject(s): Dayak Language, Comparative Linguistics, Dayak Language - Phonology, Dayak Language - Morphology 'Perbandingan fonologi dan morfologi bahasa Iban, Kantuk, dan Mualang' -- subject(s): Comparative Phonology, Dayak Kantuk language, Iban language… Full Answer

Why was Elizabeth Choy a war hero?

a Hakka from North Borneo, noted for being a war-time heroine during the Japanese occupation and the only woman member in the Legislative Council in 1951. She also posed as an artist's model for the famed sculptress, Dora Gordine… Full Answer