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Is Tupac a piru?

No. Tupac was on Deathrow Records, which was headed by Suge Knight at the time. Suge Knight was a piru blood and Deathrow associated with pirus through Suge Knight for things like security needs and bodyguards. 2Pac himself did not… Full Answer

Did 2pac sell out?

If you abandon the core principles that you were raised on like Pac did , that's sell out.[2nd Answer]: he kind of sol out with Deathrow, as he stopped rapping about the issues that made him the greatest and took… Full Answer

What is film within film in scream?

It means that the film Scream (by Wes Craven) is referring from within its content to the film genre it is part of: the horror film. The film follows the story of Cindy but the characters also check it against… Full Answer