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Is trace Cyrus dating anyone?

nope he is single :).... i heard he was dating demi lavato (ewww!) but thankfully they broke up. then he was dating brenda song. Actually he is still dating brenda song check out the entertainment websites and magizines then it… Full Answer

What is get ed?

Get Ed is a tv program about a teenage kid whitch is part kid part alien tec and part robot. he works at dojo deliveries where he works for his boss/mentor and creater Ol' skol. he is not alone he… Full Answer

Why hasnt he kissed me yet?

I don't know what your relationship is like and all the deets. But maybe he isn't ready. He could also think you don't want him to. Or maybe he just doesn't see why he needs to prove his like/love for… Full Answer

How do you tell a crush you love her?

SO romantic! But, hey... let's not both shock and scare her at the same time. Come clean with your crush by telling her how much you like her and give her some reasons why (we love that). Take her somewhere… Full Answer