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How fast are degus?

Degus are believed to be the fourth fastest rodents on earth, with a flexible spine, abrupt paws, and light build degus can reach speeds of 26 mph. Sources: Rodent Velocity Expert Full Answer

What do degus eat?

Chinchilla or Guinea Pig pellets with NO fruit, seeds, peanuts, or colored pieces. Degus are severely prone to getting diabetes, and can not have sugar! Please check for more information on what they can have. -'Mommy' of twelve degus… Full Answer

What are degus descended from?

Degus are related to rabbits and chinchillas. To say 'what are they decended from' is a different answer. The degus are decendants of degus. God created animals specially and they have only changed in ways credited to micro-evolution. Some amazing… Full Answer

Why are degus unpopluar?

Degus are unpopular in some places, but popular in other. The reason why they are in the US is that it is against the law to ship them there because they are considered pests. Full Answer

Can male degus live together?

YES if you don't want to breed degus the best option would be to keep males as degus have to live in pairs or groups and females are normally more bitey/stroppy if you want both boys and girls you could… Full Answer