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Who founded Delaware?

The Delaware Colony was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit andNew Sweden Company. It was named for the river which was named forthe governor of Virginia, Sir Thomas West (Lord ( Full Answer )
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Why is Delaware named Delaware?

Third Lord de la Warr and the first governor of the Virginia. . Exploring the Atlantic coast north of Jamestown in 1610, Captain Samuel Argall discovered a large bay which ( Full Answer )
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What is Delaware famous for?

Answer . Delaware is famous for its historical landmarks and it's collage and all of its wonderful history
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Where did Delaware get its name?

The state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor, after whom (what is now called) Cape Henlopenwas o ( Full Answer )
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What is there to do in Delaware?

Delaware is a popular city, for its historical landmarks, being the second smallest state in the us, and for its popular restaurants such as De Brown Frown, it is a restaurant ( Full Answer )
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Who found Delaware?

Peter Minuit, since he wanted to find more land for religious reasons.He was very religious. .
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Why did they find Delaware?

Because England treated them bad and the bad people kicked william Penn in his as* and because he was stupid Just Kidding I just made you waste your time I don't actually KNOW ( Full Answer )
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How was Delaware governed?

Peter Minuits was the guy who was in charge for some time then it was took over by the first governor of New York.
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What is unique about Delaware?

Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, hence its nickname, "The First State".
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What is the population of Delaware?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Delaware is897,934. An estimate in late 2011 was 907,135. (See the related links below for a breakdown of Delaware'spopul ( Full Answer )
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Delaware where is it?

Its located on the east coast of America, Maryland is right beside it. atlantic ocean.
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How did Delaware get its nickname?

The name came from a famous man that died on a voyage to North America, Lord De La War- Delawar-Delaware Delawares nicknames are The First State ,The Small Wonder Diamond Stat ( Full Answer )
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Why did they found Delaware?

The area that became Delaware was a center of the Native fur trade.Only at the beginning the Revolutionary War did the colony receivean official name.
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What does Delaware means?

Delaware is actually taken from the name of the first Governor of Virginia, Lord De La Warr. A Virginia explorer named it after the Lord in order to curry favor with the great ( Full Answer )
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Why is Delaware important?

its very important because it was the first state of united statesand many things happen there
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How did Delaware get its motto?

Delaware's motto is "Liberty and Independence." It was given by theOrder of the Cincinnati in recognition of the fact that Delawarewas the first state of the Union.
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Are there cougars in Delaware?

Yes. According to the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife, there are 2 or more free roaming cougars in Delaware. Thought to be animals of captive origin, the cougars have ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Delaware senators?

Chris Coons, democrat, is the current Delaware Senator. He tookoffice November 15, 2010, to finish Senator Joe Biden's term.George Read was the first senator from Delaware. He ( Full Answer )
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What is in Dover Delaware?

The Delaware Capitol. . The Green. . Dover Air Force Base. . Delaware State University. . Wesley College. . Dover International Speedway. What you will not find is an A ( Full Answer )
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Did Delaware have an earthquake?

Delaware and rest of New England historically has had fewearthquakes. The last shock to center in Delaware and cause minoreffects occurred on May 8, 1906, In recent years, two ( Full Answer )
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What is the seal of Delaware?

It is not something that goes "Arf. Arf" and then honks a horn. It refers to the State Seal used to embelish documents which includes multiple symbols such as the farmer and t ( Full Answer )
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Were there slaves in Delaware?

Yes. Delaware, though not traditionally considered a Southern state, was a slave state, like Maryland, before the Civil War.
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What is the statehood of Delaware?

Delaware became a state in 1787. The Constitution was written inSeptember of 1776, but Delaware was occupied by the British until1787.
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Why was Delaware founded?

The two main reasons for the founding of Delaware were the tradeand agricultural opportunity that the state presented. The soil was fertile which was the mainreason for agricu ( Full Answer )
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Who was Delaware?

There wasn't a person named Delaware but the state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor, after (wh ( Full Answer )
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Where and What is the Delaware Basin?

It is the name of the West Texas and Southern New Mexico oil field which is a part of the Permian Basin which is a part of the Mid-Continent Oil Field.
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Is there a Delaware river in Delaware?

There is a Delaware river that goes through Delaware. There is a bay near called the Chesapeake bay! It's between Maryland and Delaware!
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Does Delaware have tornadoes?

Yes. Since records began in 1950 there ave been 58 tornadoes recorded in Delaware, some as strong as F2.
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Is Delaware a state?

Yes, actually Deleware was the first state. Yes - its on the mid-Atlantic coast between New Jersey and Maryland. Check your spelling though - Its Delaware, not Deleware.
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What was the religious in Delaware?

The religion of delaware was mostly catholics although there were some protestants under the church of England
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Is Delaware a country?

In Ohio, yes. I don't know if there are any other Delaware Counties, but I would assume so.
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Where is Delaware?

Delaware is located on the west bank of the Delaware River, just south of Pennsylvania and west across the Delaware Bay from New Jersey. It is also to the east and north of ( Full Answer )
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Why and how was Delaware formed?

Delaware was once a part of Pennsylvania. At its beginnings it was a Swede named Peter Minuit and a Swedish company that "founded" this area. It was later taken over by the B ( Full Answer )