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Is a food retail website?

"Despite what it's name suggests, supermarket (dot) com is not a food retail website. It is, in fact, a ""parked"" (purchased, but not loaded with content) domain that is currently available for sale to the highest bidder. Strangely enough, it… Full Answer

How did Mahatma Gandhi affect people?

he promoted the values of individual liberty and the rights of free individuals to transcend oppression through free exchange and freedom of religious practice, without divisions amongst the people of India as provoked by the British Empire. His ideas have… Full Answer

Are there any famous people called Dennis?

Famous people named Dennis include: Dennis Rodman (NBA basketball star and pop celebrity) Dennis Mitchell aka "Dennis the Menace" (cartoon character) Dennis Farina (character actor) Dennis Weaver (1970s TV actor) Sandy Dennis (Oscar-winning actress) Cathy Dennis (British pop recording artist) Full Answer