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How do you put deodorant on?

Well first you pick out a deodorant and then you remove the cap and get the stick of deodorant the height you want then you apply to your armpit(:

Does deodorant repel insects?

No, deodorant doesn't repel insects. In fact, it attracts them. Mosquitoes in particular are attracted by pleasant scents such as perfume, soap and deodorant.

What is the pH of deodorant?

The pH of deodorant is nearly neutral as nearly 50% or more of ingredient in any deodorant is ethyl alcohol, which has a neutral pH of 7.00 in water solution.

Is not putting deodorant on healthy?

Some people consider it healthy to wear deodorant and some people think that it is healthier to avoid wearing it. In some cases, a person might have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in deodorant and this could be unhealthy…