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Can cheetahs cry?

In a sense, yes, cheetahs can 'cry.' Similar to the meow of the domestic cat, the cheetah can bleat, and sometimes moan, when a larger predator deprives it of its prey. Full Answer

What is parasitisim?

it is a relationship between two organisms,in which,one of the organism is a parasite,which lives on the other organism...the host.the parasite acquires the nutrition,shelter and other growth requirements from the host.the host is deprives and ultimately die. Full Answer

Why is CO so dangerous?

It binds to the Hemoglobin in the blood, and prevents it from carrying oxygen throughout the body, and deprives the cells and vital organs in your body of oxygen. Also it is colorless, tasteless, and can not be smelled, so… Full Answer

What is a tyrannic government?

A tyrannic government is a government that strips individuals of basic rights that they should be allowed, such as "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" or freedom of speech. Basically, according to Jefferson, it is a government that deprives… Full Answer