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What was the destroyers for bases deal?

In 1940, Great Britain and the United States made a "destroyers for bases" agreement that saw fifty destroyer-vessels pass into the hands of Great Britain in exchange for American access to (and some control over) various bases located around the… Full Answer

Destroyers for bases deal?

It was a deal the United States made with Britain before they entered World War II which gave the British 50 old destroyer ships for US right to build ports in the Caribbean. (1940) A World War II agreement between… Full Answer

What did US Senators Fulbright and Church say about the Roosevelt executive agreement of 1940 which enabled the US to supply Great Britain with navy destroyers?

Surprisingly, some thirty years after the Roosevelt executive agreement that supplied Great Britain with much needed navy destroyers was cited by these influential senators as a perfect example of usurping the treaty power of the Senate. The term of surprisingly… Full Answer