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Which countries follow christianity?

Asia/ in philippines and bit of taiwanese U.S.A (South,East,North,West) Europe,Africa,Australia,New Zealand Twenty countries with the most Christians United States (details)176,400,00078.4% Brazil (details)174,700,00090.4% Mexico (details)105,095,00094.5% Russia (details)99,775,00070.3% Philippines (details)90,530,00092.4% Nigeria (details)76,281,00048.2% Congo, Democratic Republic of (details)68,558,00095.6% China, People's Republic of (details)66,959,0005.0%… Full Answer

What is nothing important details?

The phrase "nothing important details" does not quite make sense, but perhaps it is intended to mean, no important details. So perhaps I have told you all the details that matter, and I have left out no important details. Full Answer