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Do vampires eat anything other then blood?

Some Vampires, like the ones that everyone has come to fear, could not eat anything other than blood, but Vampires today can. Because of the cross breeding, Dhampirs can eat human food. I do.

How do you become a dhampir?

You cannot become a Dhampir, as they are born, not made. Dhampirs are half human half vampire; their mothers are human and their fathers are vampires. They usually do not like vampires, and are vampire hunters. However you can turn… Full Answer

Can a dhampire see the sun?

Dhampirs have been known to be light sensitive. (Blade is always wearing sunglasses.) But I've never heard of it being a serious problem. So I would think that a dhampir could see a sunset just as well as any normal… Full Answer

Are all vampires evil?

No. Not all vampires are evil. Some are good beyond imagining, though for them to get to this point, some amount of control is needed. An example of good vampires are the Cullens from Twilight, the vampyres from the House… Full Answer

Can vampires have babies?

It has been well known since ancient times that a male vampire can father children with living women. The resulting child is known as a Dhampir and has certain heightened abilities and inclinations over the mortal child. These abilities are… Full Answer

Are vampires dead?

The rigid definition of a vampire requires them to be dead. However there are people (and things) that have the potential to become vampires and some that have even employed this ability before they died. Persons that are half-vampires, or… Full Answer

What are vampeels?

Vampeels are half-vampires; also called "dhampyres/dhampirs" or "daywalkers". Generally, they are born from a vampire (male) mating with a human (female). Lore suggests they live from twice to six times as long as humans, if not immortal. They also have… Full Answer

Can you be bitten by a Dhampir?

Yeah, but its is unlikely that they will bite you, because all though they are half vampire they're against the whole vampire-drinking-human-blood thing, possibly because their own mother would have been used like that by their vampire father. You can… Full Answer

How are vampires born?

vampires are not born they are made. they are humans first but when another vampire bites them, drains them, and then the human feeds from them. they are in pain for a few days then they are a full vamp… Full Answer

How do you create a Gothic vampire story?

Choose a Gothic setting eg. Victorian or Edwardian time period, dark-age, medieval, or pre-modern architecture, night-time scenes, dark caverns, swamps, marshes. Torrid emotions; passion, lust, despair, anguish, threat, fear, terror. Loss of control, seduction, allurement, corruption, abandonment of virtues and… Full Answer