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Is die hard a Christmas movie?

No, it is an action movie and has nothing to do with Christmas. Answer 2: Except the events occur during a Christmas office party at the Nakatomi building. Answer 3: I say its the best Christmas movie ever exsept for… Full Answer

What is the best Die Hard movie?

The quality order of Die Hard Movies is as follows: 1. Die Hard 2. Die Hard: With a Vengence 4. Die Hard: Die Harder 18. Die Hard: Live Free or Die Hard Note the numbering is correct

When were the die hard movies made?

The original Die Hard was released in 1988 Die Hard 2:Die Harder was released in 1990 Die Hard with a Vengeance was released in 1995 Live Free or Die hard was released in 2007 A Good Day to Die Hard… Full Answer