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What are some words that end with ize or ise?

Some words that end with ize: accessorize. acclimatize. achromatize. activize. actualize. advertize. bacterize. baize. balkanize. banalize. baptize. barbarize. calorize. canalize. cannibalize. canonize. capitalize. caponize. decarbonize. decarburize. decentralize. decimalize. decolonize. ebonize. economize. editorialize. elegize. emblematize. emotionalize. factorize. familiarize. fanaticize. fantasize. generalize… Full Answer

12 letter words beginning with d?

daintinesses damnableness damselfishes dappernesses daredeviltry daringnesses daughterless daunorubicin daydreamlike daylightings deacidifying deactivating deactivation deactivators deadlinesses deaminations deathwatches debarkations debaucheries debilitating debilitation debonairness debouchments debridements decaffeinate decalcifying decalcomania decantations decapitating decapitation decapitators decarbonated decarbonates decarbonized decarbonizer decarbonizes decarburized decarburizes decasyllabic decasyllable… Full Answer

Can you give me a list of 12 letter words?

abandonments abbreviating abbreviation abbreviators abecedarians aberrational abjectnesses abolishments abolitionary abolitionism abolitionist abominations aboriginally abortionists abortiveness abracadabras abrasiveness abridgements abruptnesses absenteeisms absentminded absoluteness absolutistic absolutizing absorbancies absorbencies absorptances absorptivity absquatulate abstemiously abstractable abstractedly abstractions abstractness abstruseness abstrusities absurdnesses academically academicians academicisms… Full Answer