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What about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust?

Pius XII saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust and has been recognized for his efforts by many countries, especially Israel. He did more than any other country or individual on earth to protect the Jews. perhaps more… Full Answer

What is the phobia of Mexican people?

Xenophobia is the name for it and it's not treated by psychiatrist or therapy since it's not a mental condition but something cultural. Don't mix things more than you are already doing. People want to have information and you are… Full Answer

What were Spain's goals in World War 2?

Spain was essentially Neutral in WW2. Tacit support for Nazi Germany is evidenced for example in Ewen Montgues' excellent book 'The Man Who Never Was', a deception excercise in which the British planted disinformation with regard to where the invasion… Full Answer

Are atheists the most distrusted minority?

Your question makes assumptions and poses further questions. Atheists are neither more nor less trustworthy than any other large group of people. Nor can they be considered a minority. They certainly do not have a history of propagating lies and… Full Answer

Did Pope Pius XII become a saint?

No, Pius XII has not been canonized. He is now Venerable Pius XII. He still needs to be beatified and then canonized. He was the victim of a disinformation campaign waged against his reputation by the USSR which claimed he… Full Answer

Why is Linux not used more widely?

It is used widely - in fact, it's the majority in many corporate servers and in supercomputers. As far as the consumer/desktop/laptop sector, it's in the minority. The main reason is that Microsoft had the first-dibs and still retain the… Full Answer