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Bulgaria lost land to what nation?

Under the Treaty of Neuilly (November 1919), Bulgaria lost its Aegean coastline to Greece and nearly all of its Macedonian territory to the new state of Yugoslavia, and had to give Dobruja back to the Romanians (see also Dobruja, Western… Full Answer

What are 4 countries of southern Europe?

Southern Europe is distributed into 4 groups, Iberian Peninsula, Italian Peninsula, Balkans and 'Other' I will name one from each group Iberian Peninsula- Spain Italian Peninsula- Italy Balkans- Slovenia Other- Romania (Northern Dobruja is considered southern European and sometimes Wallachia). Full Answer

How many territories are in Romania?

If by territory you mean region or county Romania has 42 counties, and it has also historical regions like: Wallachia in the south that is split in to two regions by the Olt river; Muntenia to the west where Bucharest… Full Answer

What are some famous landmarks in Romania?

Churches of Moldavia: 15th-16th century frescoes on painted exterior walls of seven churches are considered masterpieces of Byzantine art. The churches in northern Moldavia are unique in Europe. The paintings represent complete cycles of religious murals on all facades. the… Full Answer

What do boys wear in Romania?

HERE YOU GUYS CAN FIND IT:) Modern Romania is roughly the same location as that of ancient Dacia. After a series of wars with Rome, Trajun conquered Dacia in two campaigns (101-106 AD). This was after the Roman supression of… Full Answer