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If you are an insured motorist and get hit by an uninsured motorist should you use your job's personal medical insurance or your auto insurance or both?

More than likely, you will begin by using your personal medical insurance. Medical expenses and lost wages can possibly be reimbursed through the uninsured motorists coverage. Uninsured/Underinsured coverage laws vary by state. Contact your insurance agent for a full explanation… Full Answer

What are the seven parts of auto insurance policies?

I guess it depends, most policies have these coverages, some standard some optional. Liability Property Damage Medical Payments Collision Other Then Collision (Comprehensive) Uninsured Motorists Underinsured Motorists Rental Reimbursement Each state varies, some might be offered or not.

What is uninsured insurance?

In auto insurance, 'uninsured insurance' refers to a type of coverage for accidents caused by a motorist without insurance or hit-and-run accidents in which the driver who caused the wreck cannot be identified. In other words, your insurance may cover… Full Answer

Question If you are involved in and auto accident in Florida and the other driver is at fault but has no auto insurance and you are injured can you sue your insurance company for injuries?

No, you cannot sue your insurance company for injuries....actuallly, I take that back. You can sue anybody for anything...but in this case, you would not win. Your policy should have a coverage called Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Typically, this would cover… Full Answer

Why is auto insurance mandatory?

Driving is considered a privilege and not a right. Because it is a privilege drivers are required to prove they are financially responsible. Mandatory auto insurance is proof that drivers are financially responsible to cover damages or injuries in the… Full Answer