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Do viruses contain DNA?

Viruses have their own genome which can be made of RNA or DNA, so some do contain DNA. Some viruses, but not all. All viruses have some sort of nucleic acid, whether single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA, single-stranded RNA, or double-stranded… Full Answer

RNA is single stranded?

RNA or Ribonucleic Acid can occur in both single stranded and double stranded forms. It occurs in Humans most often as single stranded for copying and translating DNA. However in some viruses, double stranded RNA is their genetic code. Full Answer

What are the four ways to name a virus?

Major groups of viruses are distinguished first by their nucleic acid content as either RNA or DNA viruses. Subsequent subdivisions are based largely on other properties of nucleic acids. The RNA viruses can be single-stranded (ssRNA) or double-stranded (dsRNA), although… Full Answer

Is RNA single stranded?

mRNA, or messenger RNA is single stranded, and so are transfer RNA, snRNA, hnRNA, and ribosomal RNA. The exception are some viral RNA's, that can be double stranded. Remember that despite having Uracil instead of Thymine, RNA can base pair… Full Answer

Does viruses contain DNA?

the virus ( in simple words) consists of:genetic material surroundedby protein capsid this genetic material can be one of the following : 1- single stranded DNA 2- double stranded DNA 3- single stranded RNA 4- double stranded RNA so some… Full Answer