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What do you call a band of drummers?

Generally you can call it a percussion ensemble. But, if it is a line like a bass drumline, or a snare line of marching individuals, you can call it a drumline.

What is a drumline?

A drumline is a section of percussion instruments that is typically played as part of a musical marching ensemble such as a marching band. Another meaning for drumline is an aquatic trap that uses a baited hook to lure and… Full Answer

Forsyth Central Indoor Drumline?

Forsyth Central High School is in Cumming Georgia. They have the only World Class Scholastic Drumline in the state of Georgia. Indoor Drumline competitions were an answer to the 'off season' of Marching Band. While a lot of the band… Full Answer

How do you make the drumline?

First get the sheet music from your drum instructor, then get with some others already in drumline, practice and make sure your goodish, then on auditions day play with sure to PRACTICE

The meaning of drumline?

what doyou even mean/ dude get realllzz! you play the crap outta your drum have fun and be a hard but. you always have to have disaplin or else you won't make. drumline makes the band. so get with the… Full Answer

Is drum line a sport?

Drumline is so a sport. Those other athletes who disagree are fooling themselves. On average a drummer in a drumline has 7 pages of music with 1000's of notes to memorize. On top of that they also have about 50… Full Answer

Who was the director of the 2002 movie Drumline?

The director of the 2002 movie Drumline was Charles Stone III. He's known as a director of both major motion pictures and music videos, as well as being the creator of Budweiser's popular "Whassup?!" advertising campaign.