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What is Dyads?

A dyad is anything that consists of two parts. For example, double chromosomes can be referred to as dyads because they consist of a separation of four chromatid elements. Full Answer

What are dyads and triads?

Dyads refers to face to face interview conducted between two respondents sharing their views, motives and information and interacting with each other over some period of time. A triad is a three-person social group, who may or may not know… Full Answer

What words can you make from red nose day?

Aerodynes endorsed reasoned yearends adorned danders deadens deanery deodars dryades dynodes endears reddens yearned adders adored adores adorns anodes arseno dadoes dander darned deaden deader deaned dedans denary denser deodar derays desand donees dorsad doyens drayed dreads droned drones dryads… Full Answer

Who are the forerunners of sociology?

Although social philosopher as far back as Aristotle made observations about society, it wasn't until the late eighteenth century that Auguste Comte suggested that a formal science of society be developed. Initially, he called this science "positivism." In a later… Full Answer

What words have the letter a in the middle of them?

abaca, abaci, aback, abaft, abaka, abamp, abase, abash, abate, abaya, acari, adage, adapt, afars, again, agama, agape, agars, agate, agave, agaze, alack, alamo, aland, alane, alang, alans, alant, alarm, alary, alate, amahs, amain, amass, amaze, apace, apart, araks, arame, ataps… Full Answer