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What would be a dybbuk in Islam?

The dybbuk (דיבוק) is exclusively a Jewish concept and does not exist in any form in Islam. The Jewish dybbuk is the possession of a living person (usually but not exclusively female) by someone recently deceased (usually but not exclusively… Full Answer

Are dybbuks real?

I've heard that a dybbuk is a spirit that has been locked out of the gates of heaven and lingers between the realms of the dead and earth trying to find a purpose. it depends. some religions believe dybbuks are… Full Answer

Are dibbuk boxes real?

yes dybbuk boxes are Jewish wine boxes that are believed to have demons trapped inside them, i don't know if there are real demons in them, but yes they are real.p.s. watch Possession the movie it show you all of… Full Answer

Is dybbuk for real?

Well put it this way, this type of "Demon" or "Spirit" as you have it, goes back alot longer than Christianity and the current Satan/Lucifer. It goes back to ancient Chinese and Japanese and even pre Judaism where it was… Full Answer