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What has the author Robert Rosen written?

Robert Rosen has written: 'Anticipatory systems' -- subject(s): System theory 'Fundamentals of measurement and representation of natural systems' -- subject(s): System theory 'Anticipatory systems' -- subject(s): System theory 'Dynamical system theory in biology' -- subject(s): Biomathematics, Dynamics 'Life itself'… Full Answer

What has the author Ethan Akin written?

Ethan Akin has written: 'The general topology of dynamical systems' -- subject(s): Topological dynamics, Differentiable dynamical systems 'The topological dynamics of Ellis actions' -- subject(s): Topological transformation groups, Topological semigroups 'Hopf bifurcation in the two locus genetic model' -- subject(s)… Full Answer