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What is dzogchen?

Dzogchen is a concept in Tibetan Buddhism and Bön (a Tibetan native religion). It relates to the "beginners mind" and the instantaneous awareness during satori of Zen Buddhism and is the natural condition of the mind. It may also refer… Full Answer

How many Buddhists live in Milan?

When I lived in the area there were several thousand, a large number of groups and almost all traditions were present. A significant number of Dzogchen students IIRC. Not sure if there are accurate census figures, not all Dzogchen and… Full Answer

What is the Buddhism culture?

Buddhism is a rich and varied spirtual tradition, there are several schools and hundreds of subsets. So the Tibetan Chod or Dzogchen students practising in the forests of England may be almost unrecognisable compared to Zen Monks and Nuns in… Full Answer

State of perfect bliss in Buddhism?

nirvana! it is when you finally get out of the endless cycle of life (birth, life, death, rebirth as another being). to get to this stage, you must live your live fulfillingly (is that a word?) and reach the highest… Full Answer