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What has the author Daniel Starch written?

Daniel Starch has written: 'Educational measurements' -- subject(s): Intellect, Educational Psychology 'Principles of advertising' -- subject(s): Advertising 'Educational psychology' -- subject(s): Educational psychology 'Principles of Advertising: A Systematic Syllabus of the Fundamental ..' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Advertising' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

What is the role of educational psychology?

Educational psychology is much more general, and has many different applications. Most teachers study educational psychology as part of teacher training. it involves emotional and psychological issues that affect all children, plus understanding the abnormal psychology of children who have… Full Answer

What has the author E Stones written?

E. Stones has written: 'Educational objectives, and the teaching of educational psychology' -- subject(s): Educational psychology 'Readings in educational psychology' -- subject(s): Educational psychology, Addresses, essays, lectures 'The great fire of London' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Social life and… Full Answer