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What is the difference between psycho educational testing and psychological testing?

Psycho-educational testing is a subset of psychological testing. Psychological testing may include assessment of intellectual functioning, achievement, learning disorders, personality, vocational aptitude and interest, and behaviors associated with neurological impairment. Usually, psycho-educational testing is an assessment that is focused on… Full Answer

What is the example of privatization?

Privatization is when a company owned by a government is spun off or sold and becomes a regular, profit seeking enterprise owned by private individuals or stockholders. As an example, a city might operate a bus company and sell it… Full Answer

Why would someone want to set up a private ATM?

This will be a business opportunity for the individuals/corporations setting up those machines. The RBI has given permission to those entities that set up these private ATM Machines to charge for their service. So, anyone who uses the ATM Machine… Full Answer