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Does Judaism has a salvific figure?

No. Salvation in Judaism comes from God; through doing His will as set forth in the Torah. Jewish leaders who provided redemption from various threats and enemies (such as Moses and Mordecai) always urged obedience to God and belief in… Full Answer

Canfield or Moevao?

a lot of people say canfield but i by far say moevao because canfield holds on to the ball to long and throws it to high but not like moevao is the king of QB but he i pretty good(he… Full Answer

What is a Teflon personality?

'Teflon' as the term denoted is a strong and cannot efface the coating as protection. A Teflon personality is a very strong affirmative positive personality that does not wear off easily and is not affected by the physical,financial or social… Full Answer

What does out-with mean?

to go-out with somebody is to accompany or go on a date to a restaurant the cinema etc.. or to be in a casual or steady relationship it is a slang word. out with is a phrase to order/threaten /compel… Full Answer