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What words end in the suffix able?

Some common words with the suffix -able: (a comprehensive list is farther down) affordable accountable allowable attachable approachable attainable admirable available amiable adorable breakable bankable believable beatable burnable billable bearable capable conceivable concealable chargeable charitable contestable chewable controllable countable culpable… Full Answer

What words end with ble?

able, disable, stable, unstable, marble, table, fable, gable, sable, warble, bubble, trouble, hobble, tremble, amble, stumble, bible, squabble, crumble, tumble, fumble, bumble, humble, jumble, mumble, rumble, dribble, bobble, dabble....... able, cable, table, marble, cobble 4-letter words able 5-letter words amble… Full Answer

What are 10 letter words that end in E?

abbreviate, abhorrence, abominable, absolutive, absolutize, absorbable, absorbance, absorptive, abstinence, accelerate, accentuate, acceptable, acceptance, accessible, accomplice, accordance, accumulate, accusative, achievable, achondrite, acidophile, acoelomate, acquirable, acrylamide, actinolite, actionable, adamantine, adjudicate, adjunctive, adjustable, admissible, admittance, adrenaline, adsorbable, adsorptive, adulterate, adulterine, advertence, advocative, aeciospore… Full Answer

What are some root words with able?

ableismableistactableaddableaffableamiablearablesbitablebuyablecablerscabletscapablecitablecodablecurabledatabledisabledowabledryabledupabledurabledyeableeatableeffableenabledenablerenablesequableerrableeyeablefablersfadablefinablefixableflyablefriablefryablegelablegetablehatablehewablehidablehirablelikablelinablelivablelosablelovablemakableminablemixablemovablemutablenamablenotableownableparablepayablepliablepokableposablepotableratableretableridableropablerowablerulablesalablesavablesayableseeablesewablesizableskiablesowablestabledstablerstablestableautabletstakabletamabletaxabletenabletotabletowabletriabletunabletypableuseablevocablevotablewadable Here's another list: 5-letter words abler, ables, cable, fable, gable, sable, table 6-letter words ablest, arable, cabled, cables, cablet, doable, dyable, enable, fabled, fabler, fables, gabled, gables, liable, sables, stable, suable, tabled, tables, tablet, unable, usable, viable 7-letter words… Full Answer

What rhymes with formidable?

abatable abdicable able abolishable abominable abradable absorbable abstractable abusable acceptable accomplishable accountable accreditable accruable achievable acquirable actable actionable adaptable addable addressable adjustable administrable admirable adoptable adorable adsorbable advisable affable affectable affirmable affixable affordable agglutinable agitable agreeable alienable alliable allocable allocatable… Full Answer

What words have ce in them?

LIST OF ALL WORDS INCLUDING CE abduce abduced abducens abducent abducentes abduces abecedarian abecedarians aberrance aberrances abeyance abeyances abhorrence abhorrences abidance abidances abscess abscessed abscesses abscessing absence absences absorbance absorbances absorptance absorptances abstinence abstinences abundance abundances acanthocephalan acanthocephalans acaulescent accede… Full Answer