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The meaning to egocentrism?

It means you're unable to differentiate between yourself and the world. for think everyone knows what you know and that our knowledge and experience is connected. It can also mean your EGO is in the CENTRE , highest priority… Full Answer

Why was roman emperor Nero weakness vanity?

Nero's blemishes were egocentrism, exhibitionism (it was said that he craved for attention) eccentricity vanity and profligacy. He loved poetry and the theatre and fancied himself as good singer and actor. He liked to sing to the lyre, recite poetry… Full Answer

What is moral development?

The Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, author of the 1932 book The Moral Judgment of the Child, is among the first psychologists whose work remains directly relevant to contemporary theories of moral development and education. From his observations and interviews of… Full Answer