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What is another word for a ghost?

spirit, apparation, appearance, banshee, daemon, demon, devil, eidolon, ethereal being, haunt, incorporeal being, kelpie, manes, phantasm, phantom, poltergeist, revenant, shade, shadow, soul, specter, spook, vampire, vision, visitor, wraith, zombie

How do you beat Hecatonchier in Final Fantasy 13?

Set up these paradigms: Vanille: Saboteur/ Fang: Saboteur Vanille: Saboteur/ Fang: Sentinel Vanille: Medic/ Fang: Sentinel Vanille: Ravager/ Fang: Commando The de-buffing from dual saboteurs quickly builds up the gestalt meter up. After 2 rounds of casting, switch to Saboteur/Sentinel… Full Answer