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What is the eigen value?

This is the definition of eigenvectors and eigenvalues according to Wikipedia: Specifically, a non-zero column vector v is a (right) eigenvector of a matrix A if (and only if) there exists a number λ such that Av = λv. The… Full Answer

What is meant by the word eigenvalue?

The term "eigenvalue" refers to a noun which means each set of values of parameter for which differential equation has a nonzero solution. It can also refers to any number such that given matrix subtracted by the same number and… Full Answer

What is an eigenvector?

Given some matrix A, an eigenvector of A is a vector that, when acted on by A, will result in a scalar multiple of itself, i.e. Ax=[lambda]x, where lambda is a real scalar multiple, called an eigenvalue, and x is… Full Answer

What is an eigenstate?

eigenstate (quantum mechanics) A dynamical state whose state vector (or wave function) is an eigenvector (or eigenfunction) of an operator corresponding to a specified physical quantity. energy state. Refer to: Full Answer