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How many airlines are in Israel?

In total, there are nine (9) airlines located in Isreal. These airlines are: Arkia Isreal Airlines, Ayit Aviation and Tourism, CAL Cargo Air Lines, Chim-Nir Aviation, El Al, Elrom Airlines, Israir Airlines, Orange Aviation, Tamir Airways. Full Answer

What airline takes you to ben-gurion?

Ben Gurion Airport is the hub of El Al, Israir Airlines, Arkia Israel Airlines and Sun d'Or International Airlines. Any of these are good options. See the related link for the airport's website for other airlines and contact information. Full Answer

Where does El Al Airlines fly to?

El Al Airlines have three flight destinations to the US, one in Brazil, two in China, one in Thailand, one in India, while the rest of their business is centered in Western and Central Europe and North Africa. Their slogan… Full Answer