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What has the author L E Sparks written?

L. E. Sparks has written: 'Particle collection by a venturi scrubber downstream from an electrostatic precipitator' -- subject(s): Electrostatic separators, Venturi scrubber 'Indoor air quality model, version 1.0' -- subject(s): Air quality, Data processing, Indoor air pollution, Measurement 'In-stack plume… Full Answer

What has the author M F Szabo written?

M. F. Szabo has written: 'Operation and maintenance of particulate control devices on coal-fired utility boilers' -- subject(s): Automatic control, Boilers 'Electrostatic precipitator malfunctions in the electric utility industry' -- subject(s): Electric power-plants, Equipment and supplies, Electrostatic precipitation Full Answer

What is electro static precipitator esp?

An electrostatic precipitator is a device commonly used to remove fine dust particles from an airstream, or a smokestack exhaust. Often a two step process in which the unwanted particles are first given an electric charge, and then are easily… Full Answer

How does a electrostatic precipator work?

an electrostatic precipitator is a device in which a dusty air stream is passed through some plates carrying a high voltage. This adds an electric charge to the dust particles. When the air stream then passes close to some plates… Full Answer