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What is emmenthal?

A very nice type of cheese. It has holes in it, like Gruyere, and comes from Switzerland. It is described as a hard cheese, but this is to distinguish it from a 'soft' cheese. It is not hard a all… Full Answer

What is p shermanii?

During cheese-making the bacteria are added to certain cheeses such as Emmental (also known as Swiss) and Leerdammer, and when warmed bubbles of carbon dioxide form in the cheese. These bubbles then become the distinctive holes (or eyes) in the… Full Answer

What is stillsitzer?

Stillsitzer is a Tilsit-style cheese from Switzerland. It is made with raw cow's milk and has a medium-firm texture. In my experience, it is somewhat difficult to find in the United States outside of major metropolitan areas, but if you… Full Answer

What kind of cheese is fondue cheese?

You can buy special cheese at stores to melt. It can be many different types of cheese. A traditional recipe calls for quite a large quantity of shredded Emmental and/or Gruyere cheese. Both cheeses melt well and yield a nutty… Full Answer

What cheese is famous in France?

there are numerous famous cheeses in France. The Roquefort (a ewe cheese) was already a favorite of Charlemagne 1200 years ago and the Cantal was praised under the Romans. Camembert, Brie, Pont-l'Evêque, Ossau-Iraty, Maroilles, Emmental, Comté, Bleu de Bresse, Bleu… Full Answer