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If your friend flirts with your man and he tells her his secrets but doesnt want to tell you what does it mean?

get out while good . It means you need a new friend and a new man.. Answer . It means it's time to find a new man, and maybe a new friend while your at it. If he can't ( Full Answer )
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She said she is confused and doesnt know what she wants?

Then she doesn't and should leave her alone and let her come to you when she figures it out. . Answer . Confusion in life hits all ages. Life certainly has twists and som ( Full Answer )
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Want to know the secret to a healthy lifestyle?

\n. \nMany gerontologists feel that healthy aging comes from a balanced combination of appropriate activity levels for age, adequate nutrition and sleeping habits, and reduct ( Full Answer )
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What do you say to a guy that likes you but he doesnt want you to know?

well just talk to him like you would normally talk to any person. I mean you don't want to be somebody else right? cause he likes you for who YOU are. Just pretend that you do ( Full Answer )
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How would you know if God doesnt want you to work?

Aside from specific personal circumstances which prevent it God has made it clear that He wants all people who should be to work. This is specifically addressed in Thessalonia ( Full Answer )
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My Secret World DS game has an existing password and I want to know how to delete and reset?

To change the password, go to the middle blue tab. . Click on "My Settings">2nd Tab with the lock. . Then select "Change Secret Code" . This ONLY works if you know the passw ( Full Answer )
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Do the Walt Disney World employees live on site?

No. Most cast members have their own housing. Disney does offer off property dorms for the cast members enrolled in college program or international program. Some cast members ( Full Answer )
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Anyone out there know a lot of Disney secrets Im a huge Disney fan and i want to know every secret of every park in Walt Disney World Florida please answer?

There are Hidden Mickeys hidden around the resort heres one. In epcot don't blink at the golf ball on soarin. ________________________________________________________________ ( Full Answer )
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Why do parents always want to know your secrets?

well they want to know whats going on in your life, and make sure nothin 'very secret' is going on....... and doing something you will regret theyre trying to make you do th ( Full Answer )
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Why did Walt Disney want rides in Disney World?

Walt Disney used to take his 2 daughters to Griffith Park and he'dwatch them go on the rides. Walt wanted to create a theme parkwhere parents and children could ride the rides ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if she likes you but doesnt want to ruin your friendship?

hey, I'm a girl & i know how that's like... trust me... without ruining your friendship, don't jump ahead & ask her out, but maybe start asking her over more out of 'friendshi ( Full Answer )
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Are there apartments for employees at Disney World?

Well technically Yes. Apartments exist around the Orlando, LakeBuena Vista area that Disney employees can occupy, however if youmean, are there apartments supplied BY Disney, ( Full Answer )